Alpha release of Prestr

Introducing Prestr: Finally, a proper way for teams to manage, organize and distribute PowerPoint presentations efficiently.

We're excited to announce the alpha release of Prestr, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to transform the way teams manage, organize, and distribute PowerPoint presentations. We have been hard at work developing a robust suite of features that will elevate your presentation management game to a whole new level.

A Professional Gateway to Your Presentations

Prestr aims to make the sharing and accessibility of PowerPoint presentations smoother and more efficient. Users can upload and share their PowerPoint presentations seamlessly with colleagues, clients or the wider public. But we don't stop at just sharing; Prestr allows you to organize your presentations into projects and folders, ensuring that your content remains easy to search and navigate. Every presentation and individual slide hosted on Prestr comes with a user-friendly URL. This means you can easily reference and share a presentation like "".

Optimized for Search and Social Media

We use AI to automatically generate descriptions, tags and slugs for your slides. We also support social sharing of presentations and slides with rich previews. Whether you're showcasing your latest project on LinkedIn or tweeting a key slide, Prestr makes it possible with just a link.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Prestr provides support for team accounts. With our roles-based access control feature, team leaders can manage access and control on projects effectively, promoting collaboration without compromising security. Marketing managers can create one project for each sales division. Sales can also share presentations privately with clients. The possibilities are endless.

Privacy at Your Fingertips

We understand the importance of information sensitivity in today's corporate environment. Prestr gives you the power to set the visibility of your projects as public, private or restricted, ensuring your content's security and appropriate audience reach. Private projects are visible to all members of your organization, whereas restricted projects are only visible to members assigned to the project.

AI at Your Service

Prestr leverages artificial intelligence to allow your stakeholders to chat with presentations. Users can ask questions of a presentation, and our AI powered chatbot will answer based on the slides' content. This provides you with valuable insights into what is on your audience's mind.

Why Prestr?

At its core, Prestr serves as a golden source for your organization's presentations. It not only helps you showcase your content to internal and external stakeholders in a user-friendly and accessible manner but also increases the discoverability of your public content by search engines. With the ease of referencing individual slides and presentations on social media, Prestr empowers your organization to maximize the impact of its content. At the same time, Prestr is also built with security and privacy in mind, making it suitable for publishing slides for internal or private audiences.

We're thrilled to share this alpha version with you and look forward to your valuable feedback. This is just the beginning, and we have plenty of exciting features on our roadmap. Our ultimate goal is to become the de facto platform for organizations of any size to manage their PowerPoint collateral. Join our wait-list today to experience the future of presentation management.