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Frequently asked questions

What can I do with Prestr?

With Prestr, you can upload PowerPoint presentations to help you manage and organize your assets across your organization. Presentations can be shared internally or with the public. Presentations and slides are organized in projects and folders with the possibility to tag and define visibility settings at each level.

What are the possible visibility settings?

Projects, folders, presentations and slides can be set as public, private or restricted. Public - assets are visible to everyone. Private - assets are visible to all members your organization. Restricted - assets are visible only to project members.

What if I do not set a visibility setting?

Privacy is inherited from the nearest parent where a privacy setting is defined. The default privacy for a project is public.

Do you support team accounts?

Yes. Prestr allows you to add team members to a your account to manage and publish presentations as an organization.

How do you compare to other presentation sharing services?

Each slide on Prestr is published with a human friendly URL. Public presentations and slides are search engine optimized, maximizing the discoverability of your content. Individual slides are also optimized for social sharing as Prestr generates open graph image (preview image) for every slide.

Do you support search?

Yes, it is possible to search for presentations and individual slide using the slide content or tags as keywords.

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