The Best Way To Manage Slides.

Content management system for presentations.

Boost Your Visibility

Each slide in your presentation is published as web page optimized for SEO and social sharing.

Instant Search

Each slide is indexed individually, easily discovered with instant search.

Better Credibility

Host your presentations under a team or organization account. Choose to make your slides public or private.
What is Prestr?

Prestr is a content management system for presentations.

What exactly do you do?

We enable you to publish your presentations online.

Others can do that too. So what?

Suppose you work in sales for ACME Corporation, and have presentations stored in the following structure:


For example, sales/usa/banking/artificial-rocks-for-citi.pptx

Prestr is able to follow the same directory structure. Your presentation will be available in the following human friendly URL:

What’s more, every slide in the presentation gets its own link:

Each presentation and slide is optimized for search engines and social sharing. You can share the link on social media platforms, email, internal wiki or anywhere else. You now have professional looking links to your presentations that you won’t be embarrassed to share. You can make the presentation private too, and share it using time-sensitive magic links.

That's it?

At the time of writing (September 2022), yes that’s it. This is just the foundation. We have other exciting features we would like to explore. We do not want to be just a website for you to publish your presentations online. We aim to be a platform for teams to manage presentations and slides. This includes:

  1. Team accounts: add members to your organization with access control
  2. Canonical presentations: create derivative presentations from a master presentation with version tracking
  3. Synced slides: re-use the same slides across multiple presentations automatically syncing changes
  4. Presentation forms: self service presentations to generate a slide deck based on user selection
  5. Slide factory: Update content in a slides using an external data source